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Strange but also cool

The music exactly fits to the movie. Simple animation, but gives odd feeling of primal fear.
Weird & disturbing. And that's why I like it much.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thank you.

Primal fear eh? I can kinda understand why you'd think that, but that's not really what I had in mind (well, I didn't have anything in mind really). It's nice to know that the animation gets some people thinking :)

I like the idea

Looping this movie was very good idea which gives it some kind of mystery.
But a scene with dogs was ridiculous, that was the weakest part of the animation.
But that's a quite good movie.

I like it!

I like the idea.
Just one suggestion. It is a bit hard to watch. I think you should make more fps, but not much more, because it'll lose its character. Music is capital.
Such crazy movies make me happy!

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This very simple game does not seem to be interesting at all at the beginning. But it is not true. Even though simple it requires some skills from a player. Using different colors prevents monotony.

But the climate of the game is created mostly by the music. It is brilliant!

A solid simple platform game. Not easy at some points but also not frustrating. It has everything such a game should have.

Levels are well made and well constructed. Though I am sure I passed few of them not along the author's will.

The time limit was a great idea. The amount of time is accurately chosen and is enough to pass the game without big rush but simultaneously does not allow the player to be sluggish.

And in the end a brilliant closure.

I must agree with people who were written reviews before me. This game is unbalanced a bit, but this aspect makes it challenging. Also, happened to me few times, that the game froze and neither boss nor me were able to make a move.

But I will not complain, I spend quite a good amount of time playing it. It's very addictive!
And nerdy medal is really nerdy ;)

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Great job bro

Very good song. I like the melody line very much, also lyrics are awesome. Guttering, yeah, I'm accustomed to screaming and I think this part pretty suits to this song. And as N3XUZ said, great mastering.
But still 9 not 10 for sounding in few parts too much like screamo.

PS. Dunno how do you make such a screaming, or whatever you call it, just do not make your throat bleed, please, because you have a very good voice ;)

Well, I'll be waiting for more productions like this one.

shesmackshard responds:

Haha thats not my vocals, Im just the producer. But I can scream, grunt, pig squeal, and sing If I need to.Just need to look up quick tutorials then practice.

Thanks for the vote!

That's very good.

I rather don't listening to such music, but I like this song.
It's long, but diversified and not boring as the most majority of songs such type I heard. 5/5

DukeLukeProd responds:

Thanks for reviewing man, people usually don't give objective feedback on "alien" genres. I much appreciate that!


Every time I listen to, it makes me happy.
Great song!

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