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Hi, I'm Chez. Nice to meet you. If you need any help or just to want to talk, leave me a comment or send me a message. I will not eat you.

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Posted by KuroiYasha - October 27th, 2017


Posted by KuroiYasha - September 2nd, 2014


Since I do not spend much time here and some of you might want to contact me I put here some links where you could find me.





If you have some important matter, a question or just want to talk, feel free to contact. It is always nice to meet new people.


&& enjoy


Posted by KuroiYasha - January 26th, 2012

...since my last post.
Not many people remember me, not many remembered about me.
And I was here almost every day, checking new stuff, gaining experience points.

Many things happened, my life has changed a lot.

Seems it is time to leave Newgrounds. Place which I used to call my second home. Place where I met some interesting people, with whom I am still in touch. Place which gave me a lot of joy.

It is not the same Newgrounds it used to be when I started this account. Might I be a different person, much more experienced than before. Might I just grew up. Do not know. I think these days people were more pleasant, comments were written more willingly, trolls were way funnier.

I suppose I will be visiting it once per time anyway, even to check out if anyone left a comment below this post.

If you would like to catch me somewhere in the Internet, feel free to use some of the links below.


It is the end of this amazing adventure.

Posted by KuroiYasha - January 20th, 2011

Exams, exams and exams. I have no time for anything. No games, no guitar, no comics, just learning. Whole evenings and weekends. Math and Programming. Gah.

Sometimes I think this faculty is way too hard for my abilities and I should give up. But as long as my Dearest Punk believes in me and motivates me I know I can pass it all.
Nowadays I need the support badly.

I'm not much here and a new post will be after an examination session, I guess. By the time enjoy the video.

Posted by KuroiYasha - December 22nd, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

/* */

We wish you a Punk Rock Xmas!

Posted by KuroiYasha - November 20th, 2010

I'm on University of Technology, on the faculty that I've always wanted. I just couldn't find a better place, in my faculty's club almost every week plays some amazing band. Of course, as a good student, I totally enjoy every, literally every party I can be on. So since the last post I've been on The Bill once again, Farben Lehre, Leniwiec with The Mugshots, Enej with Transsexdisco, Koniec Swiata... soon will be ZMZ and who knows what's more xD
But Hell, I must admit, school is hard. Most of my time take Math and Engineering Graphics :P Anyway laboratories are pure fun, professors that lead them are positively crazy xD Even so, ending of 1st half of semester is coming damn quickly end with it exams... Metrology... Material Science... ehhh

And here's a song that a person who believes that I can pass that all the most sent me some time ago and it's been in my head for the last few weeks. As for me, it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard :3

/* */
And here's the lyrics:

"Since I remember, I've always looked for you,
And when you were near, you hid somewhere,
At night, on the train station where I got punched in my face,
I've seen your eyes in a puddle of blood.

Since I remember, you've always said,
That it won't be easy to stand with you,
That you constantly need hope and faith,
That love for you can kill me.

There passed so many years and we've been still together,
With all those good and bad moments,
There are better and worse days,
But I know that love can withstand everything.

You are an island of love on the ocean of hatred,
You're a wave of peace in a stormy night,
You're a wind in sail in a windless day,
You're everything I just need..."

My life is spinning.

Posted by KuroiYasha - September 15th, 2010

Well, after a funny incident when miss guardian thought I'm way younger than I really am and didn't want to let me to Gojira concert I noticed that lot of people do not believe I'm an adult! I feel great with it. Mwahahaha!

Few days later while wandering here and there I accidentaly got into a street performance of a Serbian band Zbogom Brus Li (means 'Goodbye Bruce Lee'). I've heard this band somewhere before, but haven't expected they sounds so great live. As it was the only one chance to get legal CDs I managed to communicate by waving hands with some Serbian woman and bought two.
Gah, I barely had enough money for a bus ticket to come back xD

And few days ago I got on a concert of one of my fafourite band - The Bill :D

/* */
My friend who had to come with me escaped to some Folk Metal night, so in the end I was alone.
And damn, I I'll never forget this night. One of the best night in my life!
I got to know a lot of people, I bet most of them were high but whatever. At the very beginning the only two people who were dancing pogo were some skinhead and me. But then one of my new friends, a total punk, appeared and even if I had been exausted he was just pulling me into a pogo crowd or taking me to fool around right in front of the scene x3
And when 'WC' song began we've grabbed each other and started to yell lyrics hard with hands up while being less than a meter in front of the vocalist x3 He was looking at us trying not to laugh to a microphone while a photographer was taking us a lot of pictures.
I'm just wonder how many of them will appear in the Internet xD

Well, I just can't wait to The Analogs performance to meet all those people again :3

EDIT: The Analogs, hell damn good street punk! I couldn't make a sound due to shouting too much though I knew only one song xD

And as far as I got to know the photos didn't leak to the Net. Hopefully. But we want them.
Gotta contact the photographer hehehehe x3

And what's new there my friends? Any cool gigs around?

I've been rocked again!

Posted by KuroiYasha - August 4th, 2010

Hell yeah! My exams didn't go as well as I wanted, but still I got to the specialization I wanted! Since the new school year I'll have been studying Mechatronics!

Moreover I came back from my summer journeys. Unfortunately this year (almost every year is the same) I had to come back earlier due to horrible rain. And right before it there was an incredible heat heh

But during that terrible hot weather it was the best time to tour bunkers. In the underground there was possibility to freeze, over 30 degrees less than outside! The underground tunnels create a terrific maze, halls are extended for many kilometres in many different directions. What interesting is, all the dark tunnels are covered in graffiti and many of them are masterpieces.
Undoubtely it was worth seeing.
You can find some information about Miedzyrzecz Reinforced Region: here
Or take a virtual walk: here :)

And of course some vid for you all :3
Since the last one was Death Metal, this time it's way different one ;)

/* */
Right now I'm waiting for Bad Religion and Billy Talent gig!
As my friends nor me have enough money to buy tickets (Hell the prize!) we're gonna shamble around the park in which the concert is :P Hope it won't be raining =.=
Even so, who cares!
EDIT: Without the tickets at all we were closer to the scene than on many gigs. The wall which had to separate was short enough to make anyone who wanted to see through it. Moreover the city was prepared that more people will be outside than inside (including tens of grandpad and grandmas) and prepared tons of free coke for everyone. Pure awesomeness. XD

What's more I won two tickets for Wednesday's Gojira concert. Well, will be fun...
EDIT: It surely was fun. Gojira sounds way better live than on CDs.. And Lost Soul made a great show too.
Well, for the first time in my life security didn't want to let me in without showing my ID card haha
Great to know that I look like underage! xD


From the other news I gotta remove my wisdom teeth. Damn, I'm scared!
Here's a comic which truly shows my feelings right now.
Yes, it's a new comic, yay.
EDIT: Everything went better than expected! Yay!
2nd part of the comic availaible: here :3

Mechatronics awaits! + New Comic

Posted by KuroiYasha - June 27th, 2010

Whazzup everyone?!
Holidays has started yet? Or you have to wait another half year for them?
Okay okay I gotta shut up since I have this creepy 4-month-long (3 left) break! :D

Well well, as I finally have some time, I've become a Prize Hunter... and won double tickets for some metal concert! (that was last Wednesday) Neither my friend nor me knew any of the band had to perform, so we happily went there without clue what we could expect.

As a support performed heavy metal 3 Inches of Blood and a band that name I don't remember. Man, I've never seen such a numb audience before... Hopefully when DevilDriver appeared on stage not only density of crowd increased but also people finally started to enjoy the gig. Some people were trying to mosh, the friend of mine tried to put me there for a while but I run away taking care of my life haha. As mosh wasn't going well they created a little encirclement :P
Even so we still could calmly stand right under the stage and headbanging.

/* */
That was awesome! I was truly excited not only because it was my first death metal concert I've ever been to...
The bald guitarist was staring at me and smiling! :3
He looked so happy jumping round on the stage!
Moreover I've seen the great guy from a radiostation thanks to who I got those tickets!
Oh man, I couldn't move my neck at all next day XD
I guess I should go to such events more :3

Now I'm trying to get enough money to see the only one gig of NOFX in my country.

EDIT: OMFG! I've just won a ticket for Exodus for the next Thursday!! I can't believe it! (completed)
I guess it was one of those gigs I shouldn't be on. Support sucked. Just sucked. And Exodus itself... well, I cannot say guitarists weren't truly amazing, but honestly I didn't enjoy the performance at all. Hardcore metal isn't my style moreover I don't get instant cussing without a reason. heh.

EDIT2: Well, next show on Sunday. All income will be for victims of flood in my country.
Will we help? Of course we will!!

From the other news I'm going to make a continuation of the little comic project of Bill the Mad Sciencist some of you might see.
Initial doodlings are done. Now I try to put myself together enough to start drawing it on real.

I'm so laaaazy haha


Posted by KuroiYasha - May 31st, 2010

It is sure that all good things come to an end heh.
And here not only come to the end but also end with rain haha.
Two days of fun...

First band my friend and me had seen was Carrion. Great band with powerful music. But we were completely astonished that people under stage just staring hopelesly without any willing to play. Whatever, as we started jumping, two other guys joined and we had our little 4-people-big pogo XD

/* */
Then performed some techno-pop band that we didn't know how to play to it. But to our surprise tons of people arrived o.O Many of them were running to the scene like mad, so we run also - but in a contrary direction. My friend started doing a barrel roll on grass and I came to some advertisement tent and asked if I could have one of the paper windmills they had. A young guy who sit there looked at me like I was an idiot and gave me one. Then my friend and me were running as mad with the windmill doing crazy stuff and enjoy like little kids.
The performing band played unfinity and according to plan way too long and in the end we could see only a part of the band we arrived to see...

/* */
Yeah, Jelonek. We just felt in love with this band after a performance in our little town. Crowd went crazy. I've just asked my friend if my nose wasn't bleeding after close contact with some guy in front of me. Unfortunately because of the stupid long long playing of the band before we've seen just about half.. Then we had to catch a last train home..

On the second day the only one band worth mention was awesome The Futureheads.
My friend had never heard of them while I know those guys since their first single.

/* */
Amazing amount of a positive energy. The vocalist just asked what's going on under the stage when a wall of death was formed haha, honestly a superb concert and a superb band!

Only stupid organisators.
The crowd was demending few more songs and they didn't allow the band to play any due to a lack of time. And a day before they allowed. And then some of their guy started mumbling about ridiculous competitions that no one wanted to listen to. Uncompetition. Fuck. >.<

Then had to perform Sum 41, but because of a drummer's accident they couldn't arrive.
Generally, my friend and me were planning to spend a night in a capital but after The Futureheads there had to perform a band we didn't like, so we'd wait for 2 hours for another gig and after it wait like 5 hours for the first train in the morning. So we resigned and came back home with the last one.

But I bought the newest The Futureheads' CD haha!
And last night thanks to Uncle Google and Aunt Wikipedia I won a CD of a band Never that I've never heard before! XD